How much time is required to set up NextTotal?

Your NextTotal will immediately set up in 10 sec after signing up.

Is your system compatible with existing hardware devices?

Yes, it is fully compatible with all existing hardware devices.

Dose NextTotal work on iOS devices?

Yes, it works on all iOS and Android devices.

Can my accounts software be integrated with NextTotal?

Yes, your existing account software can easily integrate with NextTotal.

How can I connect to support team?

You can easily connect to our support team through:

  1. Email
  2. Contact us form
  3. Telephone

What is the minimum time to get a response after sending a request?

After sending a request, you will definitely get a response in 24hrs.

Is it possible to get support with a personal visit?

Yes, the client may get an immediate response with a personal visit.

Can I cancel my account subscription?

Yes, the user may cancel their subscription anytime.

What happened to my data after subscription cancellation?

Once, user has canceled subscription all of the data will be archived.

How can I start with NextTotal?

You may start immediately simply by signing up.

Is NextTotal is offering a trial?

Yes, NextTotal is offering a free trial to its clients.

Is my data secure in the cloud-based interface?

Yes, data is completely secure in the cloud-based interface.

I have more than one physical stores, dose NextTotal work?

Yes, NextTotal efficiently works for more than work physical stores.

I have an online store, it is possible to integrate NextTotal with it?

Yes, NextTotal can easily integrate with an online store.

Can I use my old barcodes with NextTotal?

Yes, you can use your old barcodes with NextTotal.

Does NextTotal work with a non-reliable internet connection?

No, it doesn’t work with a non-reliable internet connection.

Is NextTotal offering some training?

Yes, NextTotal is offering complete training along with software.

Is it possible to add additional modules?

Yes, you can add additional modules.

What are minimum system requirements for NextTotal?

The only essential requirement for NextTotal is the availability of an internet connection.

How can I upgrade my package?

You can upgrade your existing package any time from the customer area.

Will system update itself or should I manually update it?

The system will automatically update.

If my account is deactivated, can I export all of my data?

No, once an account is deactivated no data could be exported.